Alkyrol® 500 mg - 120 caps

Alkyrol is a unique, all-natural carefully controlled fish liver oil, purified as to NOT to contain unwanted fats and other components, impurities, e.g. heavy metals and pesticides, standardized to contain 20% Alkylglycerols.

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Immuno-stimulating properties

Alkylglycerols aid in improving the body's immune defense system

Enhancement of production of leucocytes, erythrocytes and thrombocytes

Researchers are looking into the possible effects alkylglycerols may have as a complementary support with traditional cancer therapies.

Promotion of healthy cells after damage caused by radiation therapy

Alkylglycerols reduce the side effects related to chemotherapy and radiation treatment, such as a drop in white blood cells.

Bacteriostatic effect on various species of bacteria, anti-viral effect and inhibitory effect on fungi

Alkylglycerols minimize colds, flu, and chronic infections.

Elimination of accumulated heavy metals, pesticides and toxins

Alkylglycerols bind heavy metals in the body such as mercury, pesticides and toxins, eliminating them through excretion.

About Alkyrol

What Are Alkylglycerols?

Alkylglycerols, or AKG's are a family of compounds that are essential in stimulating the body's immune system. They are found in significant amounts in human breast milk, the liver, spleen and bone marrow. Alkylglycerols are active substances that give breast fed babies crucial protection against infections until their own immune systems are fully developed.

  • Strong immune defense enhancing properties
  • Tumor inhibiting activity
  • Inhibitory effects on bacteria, fungi and molds
  • Over 150 clinical studies to date